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New Layout!
Posted May 17, 2015.

Welcome back to Always Ava! As you can probably tell by now, we have a new layout! The photos are from one of Ava’s photoshoots where she was at a carnival/arcade. I worked super hard on the layout, so I hope you enjoy it!

Posted Apr 21, 2015.
Catch Ava’s new commercial for Walmart, ‘Family Project’ on TV! Or, watch it below!

Posted Mar 27, 2015.
Very exciting news for Ava fans! Ava has customized apparel such as tops, shoes, and hats on Qtee! Everything Ava customized is super cute, so if you would like to check and possibly buy Ava’s apparel, click here.
Posted Mar 1, 2015.
Ava turned 15 today! Ava had a great day with her family and even hit 300,000 subscribers on YouTube, so congratulations Ava! I uploaded the birthday project today, and although it is not available in some countries and may not be available on mobile, you can still watch it somewhere! Once again, happy birthday Ava and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish as a 15 year old!

Ava’s 15th Birthday Project!
Posted Jan 2, 2015.
Happy new year everyone! Ava’s 15th birthday is coming up on March 1 and I thought we should do something special. This year (and hopefully future years) I decided to do a birthday project for Ava and start a little early to get more entries. To see how you could join and make Ava’s birthday special, read below.

1.Record yourself wishing Ava a happy birthday!
2.Make a fan video for Ava!
3.Take a picture of yourself holding a sign reading “Happy Birthday Ava”!
4.Make a fan-made graphic/edit!
5.Type out a sweet birthday message for Ava to read!
6.Any other ideas that you have!

1.You may submit videos, pictures, or a typed message.
2.Videos must be no longer than 50 seconds.
3.Only appropriate entries make it to the final project.
4.All entries are due by February 27.
5.The earlier you send, the closer it would be towards the beginning of the video.
6.You may submit no more than 2 things.
7.Have fun!

Copy and paste this form and include it in an email to with “Ava’s 15th Birthday Project” in the subject line.

Link to your video/picture/ect:

Thanks to everyone who participates! Don’t forget that all entries are due February 27 and Ava’s birthday will be on March 1!

Brave Fest Tour!
Posted Dec 14, 2014.
Exciting news! Ava will be attending and hosting Brave Fest in Hollywood, California on January 10, 2015 as she did in San Diego during the summer. You will most likely get a chance to meet her, along with her sister Alexi and other talents, and take pictures with her! Buy your tickets here!