Happy 18th Birthday, Ava!!

Today is Ava’s 18th birthday! We wish to Ava a very happy birthday. 18 years marks the beginning of a new life chapter, and we’re sure Ava will absolutely own it. Be sure to head over to her social media accounts to wish her a happy birthday on this special day.

Modern Family

Tune into ABC tonight at 9/8c to watch Ava in Modern Family! This Valentine’s Day episode is titled ‘Written in the Stars’, and Ava plays “Amanda”, Luke’s Valentine’s date.

Phil thinks his father-in-law Jay has dropped the ball on the most romantic day of the year — and tries to help him make things right with Gloria. Meanwhile, Cam and Mitch end up sitting right next to nephew Luke and his date Amanda at a restaurant. — 2paragraphs

New Headshots!

Ava got new headshots! I uploaded the ones released to the site’s gallery.

Best Buy Commercial + Ava’s NEW ROLE!

Ava’s Best Buy commercial spot, “Star Crossed Lovers”, for the Samsung SmartThings ADT Home Security Kit is now airing! Watch it below!

More exciting news! Although it is not yet official on IMDB, it seems as though Ava has booked a role on ABC’s Modern Family! Ava hinted a booking last night on her Twitter, and her agent posted a photo of the two, also hinting that Ava booked a role on the show. Congratulations Ava!

Update: Ava, in fact, is guest starring on the popular TV show! Her character’s name is Amanda Ciconi. Amanda will be making her appearance in season 9, episode 15. Check back to Always Ava to stay updated!

Way to end the year with a booking!!! So "Modern" of you do ❤

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Ava joins ‘Paved New World’!

According to IMDb, Ava has been cast as the role of Waugh in the coming-of-age comedy Paved New World! The film is currently in pre-production, and is set to be released on June 21, 2018. Here’s the synopsis:
Two die hard skateboarding teenagers come of age on the last day of summer as they travel across town to watch their idol attempt a suicidal skate trick.
Ava will be acting alongside actors Claudia Lee, Olivia Rodrigo, and Kamil McFadden in this Walt Disney produced movie.

PLL ‘Till DeAth Do Us PArt’ Screencaptures

The final episode of Pretty Little Liars aired last night, and it was a crazy ride. Addison was totally a bitch, but Ava was wonderful, as always. The 3 hour event is now available to watch (or rewatch) on the Freeform website or on the Freeform app. I’ve added 90+ screencaptures to the gallery. And [spoiler]…what do you think: why did Addison scream? Does history repeat itself?

New Theme!

As you can probably tell, Always Ava has undergone a makeover! I got inspired by Ava’s new Galore photos, and thanks to MonicaNDesign, Always Ava now has a new site and gallery theme that is cleaner and easier to navigate. I thought a new theme would be perfect with all of Ava’s Pretty Little Liars buzz.

Along with the new theme and layout came the availability for commenting on posts, so we encourage you to share your opinions!

As stated in previous posts, updated photos and new, fun features will be added very soon to the site. Thank you for visiting!


Ava talks with Galore Magazine

Ava spoke with Galore Mag about playing her Pretty Little Liars character Addison! Click here for the full article.

If you’ve already watched last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, then you know there’s a new girl in town, and her name is Addison Derringer.

In addition to having the most sus initials ever, which so far no character on the show seems to have picked up on, Addison Derringer has it out for one of the OG liars, Emily Fields.

Even though Addison’s only been on PLL for one episode, she’s already causing hella trouble for Emily.

After getting in trouble for skipping practice, Addison narced on Emily with a made-up lie about how Emily’s inappropriately touching and staring at the underage girls on the swim team she coaches at Rosewood High.

And even though this lie got busted, it’s clear this is just the tip of what Addison has up her sleeve – especially since it seems like she maybe has Jenna Marshall on speed dial.

To try and shed some light on who Addison is and what’s going on with her, we talked with Ava Allan, the 17-year-old actress who plays her.

She spilled some tea on what fans should be looking out for and how so far nobody’s correctly guessed how PLL is gonna end yet.