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Very exciting news for Ava fans! Ava has customized appearal such as tops, shoes, and hats on Qtee! Everything Ava customized is super cute, so if you would like to check and possibly buy Ava's appearal, click here.

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Ava turned 15 today! Ava had a great day with her family and even hit 300,000 subscribers on YouTube, so congratulations Ava! I uploaded the birthday project today, and although it is not available in some countries and may not be available on mobile, you can still watch it somewhere! Once again, happy birthday Ava and I can't wait to see what you accomplish as a 15 year old!

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Ava's 15th Birthday Project!

Happy new year everyone! Ava's 15th birthday is coming up on March 1 and I thought we should do something special. This year (and hopefully future years) I decided to do a birthday project for Ava and start a little early to get more entries. To see how you could join and make Ava's birthday special, read below.

1.Record yourself wishing Ava a happy birthday!
2.Make a fan video for Ava!
3.Take a picture of yourself holding a sign reading "Happy Birthday Ava"!
4.Make a fan-made graphic/edit!
5.Type out a sweet birthday message for Ava to read!
6.Any other ideas that you have!

1.You may submit videos, pictures, or a typed message.
2.Videos must be no longer than 50 seconds.
3.Only appropriate entries make it to the final project.
4.All entries are due by February 27.
5.The earlier you send, the closer it would be towards the beginning of the video.
6.You may submit no more than 2 things.
7.Have fun!

Copy and paste this form and include it in an email to with "Ava's 15th Birthday Project" in the subject line.

Link to your video/picture/ect:

Thanks to everyone who participates! Don't forget that all entries are due February 27 and Ava's birthday will be on March 1!

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Brave Fest Tour!
Exciting news! Ava will be attending and hosting Brave Fest in Hollywood, California on January 10, 2015 as she did in San Diego during the summer. You will most likely get a chance to meet her, along with her sister Alexi and other talents, and take pictures with her! Buy your tickets here!

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New Fanmail Address!
Ava recently changed her fanmail address! Her old address will not work if you send her mail there. Use this new address to send Ava letters, gifts, drawings, or autograph requests! Her new address is down below.

Ava Allan
P.O. Box 8752
Calabasas, CA 91372

For more information, click here. Also, feel free to ask me questions regarding fanmail.
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Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Photos!
In 2011, Ava played Erica Nichols on Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Since the screencaptures from her episode, stills, and behind the scenes photos weren't in the gallery yet, I decided to just add them in.
If you would like to see Ava in action on the episode, it's on Netflix, that's where I got the screencaptures. The episode is episode 6 and it's called, Devotion. Ava's character appears toward the end of the episode.

I am still on the lookout for more screencaptures from Ava's movies and television shows. I am currently searching for Ava's episodes on True Jackson VP. When I find them, I'll take screencaptures and put them on the site!

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That's A Wrap!
Today Ava finished filming her feature film, Love Is All You Need! As it was the last day for her, it was the last day for the rest of the cast too. Love Is All You Need is officially done filming! The film is set to be released in theaters in 2015! If you want to keep up on behind the scenes photos, stills, and more from Love Is All You Need, I will update every picture here!
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New Gallery Layout!
If you have been visiting our gallery frequently, you would know that we changed our gallery theme! I thought that the last gallery header pictures were too old and I wanted something new. The new gallery is made with the photos from BeautyCon! Go check out the new gallery NOW!

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Gallery Update!
I updated our gallery with all of the behind the scenes photos from Love Is All You Need?! I'm so excited to see how the film turns out and how Ava portrays her role! Keep checking back to the site for more #LIAYN news!

I also updated the gallery with screen captures from Billie Speare, a short film in 2012 which Ava was nominated for a Young Artist Award for!

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"Latest Video Section" + More LIAYN Details!
Hey Ava fans! Since Ava uploads a new video every week on YouTube, I decided to just have a "latest video" section in our sidebar instead of making a new update every single week. The "latest video" section should be to your left under "projects". And check out Ava's latest video!

Plus, I wanted to add that I have more details on Ava's character and film, Love is All You Need?. Ava is playing the role of Paula Santilli according to IMDB. IMDB says that the movie is about "A guy and a girl, who fall in love in a world where homosexuality is the norm, find themselves bullied after their relationship goes public." The movie is also starring with Family Guy and Young and Hungry actress, Emily Osment, along with Step Up actress, Briana Evigan. Just thought I would update.
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official links + Ava's lead role in a film???
Just wanted to confirm our official links, so you can stay updated all the time!

Twitter: @alwaysavacom
Instagram: @alwaysavacom

Also, I wanted to mention that Ava is starring as a lead role in a film! Ava shared on her social media plus snapchat, that she is a lead role in a new film called, Love is All You Need. The film is based off the award winning short film in 2011 about bullying. There are no details yet on Ava's character, but I do know that she is playing the lead role. The official website is if you are interested in finding out more. Stay tuned for more updates on the #LoveIsAllYouNeed movie!
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grand opening!
Welcome to the GRAND OPENING of Always Ava, a fansite for actress, model, and YouTuber, Ava Allan. On the site, you will find the latest updates, news, photos, and more for Ava Allan! I'm still adding more photos to our gallery and making a few changes to the site, but this is it for now!

This is my first experience with HTML and CSS, so the site probably won''t be at it's very best for now, but in the future, Always Ava will for sure be getting better, more high-quality layouts! If you would like to contact me, go to our contact page, or email me at

That's all there is for now so, enjoy the site!
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