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official links + Ava's lead role in a film???
Just wanted to confirm our official links, so you can stay updated all the time!

Twitter: @alwaysavacom
Instagram: @alwaysavacom

Also, I wanted to mention that Ava is starring as a lead role in a film! Ava shared on her social media plus snapchat, that she is a lead role in a new film called, Love is All You Need. The film is based off the award winning short film in 2011 about bullying. There are no details yet on Ava's character, but I do know that she is playing the lead role. The official website is if you are interested in finding out more. Stay tuned for more updates on the #LoveIsAllYouNeed movie!
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grand opening!
Welcome to the GRAND OPENING of Always Ava, a fansite for actress, model, and YouTuber, Ava Allan. On the site, you will find the latest updates, news, photos, and more for Ava Allan! I'm still adding more photos to our gallery and making a few changes to the site, but this is it for now!

This is my first experience with HTML and CSS, so the site probably won''t be at it's very best for now, but in the future, Always Ava will for sure be getting better, more high-quality layouts! If you would like to contact me, go to our contact page, or email me at

That's all there is for now so, enjoy the site!
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