On this page you will find all of Ava’s projects.


Love Is All You Need? as Paula Santill Kim “Rocco” Shields
Billie Speare as Reagan Tramline Entertainment
Becoming as Diana Dustin Brown
Susan’s Remembrance as Young Susan Ryan LeMasters
Junior Crew as Sarah AJ Wedding
Underneath the Blanket as Melissa Mauricio Hoyos
The Driveway as Sophie Macmet Films
Babylon Beach as Ava Eric Bergemann
Lily as Meg Susana Domingo
She Continues Drifting as Young Carrie Shane Patterson
It’s Complicated as young shopper Nancy Meyers
My Better Half as Young Marlene Adam Reed
A Second Chance as Angel Dan Devito
One Year Later as Jenny Alexandra Sandler


Pretty Little Liars as Addison Derringer Freeform
The David Koechner Show as Eleanor Cheever NBC
The Middle as Piper ABC
Bad Teacher as Bella CBS
Rescuing Madison as Ava Lifetime Channel
Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior as Erica Nichols CBS
True Jackson, VP as Young Amanda Nickelodeon
Zeke & Luther as Ginger’s bestie Disney XD
Leverage as Shawna Dean Devlin
America’s Most Awesome Parents as Kid Judge Freemantle Media
Cozy Bear & The Feefers as Maggie Xtreme Catch
TEENICK Halo as Lead Glenn Lazzaro


Best Buy as Lead
Walmart as Lead EPOCH
Hyundai as Lead
Angry Birds as Lead Green Dot Films
Nissan as Lead Helen Erb
Suntrust Bank as Lead Mcgrubber
SeaWorld One Ocean as Lead InMotion Entertainment
Hannah Montana Forever as Lead Disney
La La Loopsy Dolls as Lead Hasbro
Mini LaLaLoopsy as Lead Michael Wilks
Broadview as Lead Detour Films
Doritos Pick One as Lead Alistar
Barbie Pink Ticket as Lead MotivFilms
Doritos Flying Grandma as Lead Joey Bilotta
Hasbro Connect Four as Lead Silo
Jakks Toys Nail Spa as Lead Silo
PG Key as Lead Spot On Media
Cams Network as Lead Spot On Media
Kemps Ice Cream as Lead TWC Productions
Coca Cola Spec as Lead Burn Pictures
Cranium Cadoo as Lead Cumpulsive Pictures
Nintendo Wii Super Mario Tennis as Lead @ Large Films
AAO Ortho as Lead Great Guns


Charlies Nana as Emily Agoura Children’s Theater
Out Of Africa as Lioness LR Productions
We Come From Everywhere as Sakajawea/Surf Girl LR Productions


Disney D23 EXPO “Shake It Up” Runway Model Disney
Halloween Runway Model DreamGirls


Mattel (6+ Infomercials) as Lead Heather/Tina/Maryanne


dELIA’S model/spokesperson dELIA’S Inc
Dreamgirl print/packaging/web/lookbook Lar Hovsepian
Darling Magazine Print Editorial Rebekah Shannon
Monster High Ever After High Print/Packaging/Store Mattel
Walmart In Store/Packaging/Web
Tillys Print/In Store/Catalog
Miss Me Jeans Print/Web Miss Me
Justice Web/Catalog/In Store/Posters/Packaging/Flyers
Target/Cherokee In Store/Web
Target/Luggage In Store/Web Bauerfind
SAUM Print/In Store/Packaging
Reebok In Store/Web Patrick Dougherty
Forever 21 Girl Print/Web
Ella Moss Girl Print/Web/Brochure Ella Moss
So Low Style model Lisa Tokmajian
Material Girl model Madonna/Lourdes
Speedo Catalog/Web/Video/In Store Michael Muller Photos
Target Circular Cover/Web/Store David Roascio~Dani Brubaker Photos
MGA BFF Dolls Box/Print Model (multiple shoots) MGA
Plum Pudding/Pink Ginger Catalog/Print Model Virginia
Blauer Italian Magazine Catalogue/Print Bam Productions
Disney Catalogue Model Disney
Kohls Swimsuit Print Tommy Clark
Aldi-Sued Print/Web/In Store
Sams Club Print/Website Walmart
Veer Print Belinda Frick
Corbis Print Deborah J. Drouin
Passion Beauty Cover Andri Silananda
Hidden Valley Ranch National Print Ad Zachary Scott Photots
Adriana Curcio Test Photos Model Adriana Curcio Photos
MGA Print Hasbro~Benson Ng Photos
Guess Kids Model Guess
FlowerGirlDress4Less Model Belinda C
Sears Swim Shoot Model Schwak
Family Fun Magazine Cover/Model Disney
Intex Pool Toys Model Intex Development
Forever 21 Web/In Store Hana Cho
Belks Web/Print Jim Jordan
US Angels Blush Print/Website US Angels
Yuli n Grace Print/Web Normaire Naim
Splendid Print Jacqueline Westman
Albertsons Print Ad Ray Dillion
Real Parents Real Answers Print Ad Lorillard Co.
Magnet Sheets Print/Magmets Harbor Town Industries
Time Warner Cable Print
Army Pink Print/Web Robin G.